Finance as a Tool for Social Change for Grassroots Organizations

Finance Leaders & Grassroots Non-Profit Collaboration

I am drawn to grassroots organizations with a mission to empower women and advance women’s rights, especially in areas such as education about legal rights and political participation, skills training for economic empowerment, and advocacy around issues such as gender-based violence. I’ve learned over time that these organizations play a special and unique role in social impact. Through their broad and deep networks and their understanding of cultural, social, and economic barriers, they build high levels of trust within their communities. It takes that level of trust to implement new programs and services to help communities thrive. And from a funding point of view, they are incredibly efficient and resourceful, tapping their local networks for volunteers to supplement their own staffing.

I supported this special report from the Criterion Institute because it shares some insightful information on how these incredibly valuable organizations can collaborate with leaders in finance create positive and lasting change. The possibilities from collaborations like this are truly transformative.

So excited for you to read this! Visit the Criterion Institute to download it!


By Suzanne Lerner